There are many challenges that face Information Technology organizations,  inheritance of legacy systems, new and evolving technologies, unrealistic deadlines, a multitude of project initiatives and an ever changing business environment,  Along with this the IT manager is challenged to select the best and brightest to meet these goals without missing a beat. The costs and risks of getting the wrong person for the job are too high. SoNoted's "Certifize" is the answer  

"Certifize" is a comprehensive methodology and screening process that certifies professional candidates and project resources from (8) dimensions.  The process assures that we are able to provide the right personnel to our clients, at the right time with a guarantee of satisfaction.  

The (8) dimensions focus on professional experience, formal education, professional certification, reference-ability, background screening, cost efficiency, personality assessment and performance guarantees.  The process produces only the most qualified candidates for a position or project. 

"Certifize ™" has produced highly qualified individuals who have a track record of performance, delivery and cost effectiveness. 
Experience and Education

Professional Experience -   All of our candidates have extensive professional experience in their specific area of competency. As part of the Certifize process we validate these credentials and assure that the client is satisfied.  We match our candidates experience with your requirements and provide professional consultation regarding the "best fit".

Formal Education -  We validate our candidates formal education and degree status.  We also perform career path counseling for our employees and work with each individual to supplement their formal education. This win-win approach benefits both the employee and our clients.

Professional Certification -  There are a wide variety of professional certification programs available for today's IT professionals. Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Cisco and many third parties offer certification programs. We make sure that our candidates meet the required professional certification requirements of our clients. Individual testing is a key part of this process.

Work History

Reference-Ability -  Often the best and most reliable form of qualifying candidates, a comprehensive reference check allows the best to rise to the top. As a service to our clients we fully document our candidates references. This not only saves time but assures our clients that they get what they've asked for.

Background Screening -  SoNoted offers a comprehensive menu of background screening options.

Personality Assessment -  We match our candidates, their work patterns and role affinity with your requirements. If you need a leader, you'll get a leader! We make sure that our candidates fit into the fabric of your team, organization and corporate culture.  

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Efficiency - We get you what you need, when you need it without breaking the bank. Our rate structures and project based pricing options are highly competitive and reflect an experienced and knowledgeable approach toward IT professional services. We know this business, know our clients challenges and are committed to providing the best value in project consulting services.

Performance Guarantee - We assure that you are satisfied. We're not afraid of stepping up!  A wide variety of quality assurance programs are available.
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