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March 2013 - SoNoted Re-Certifies!  SoNoted was recently re-certified as an organization in good standing with the following organizations:

  • State of Pennsylvania Woman Owned Business Enterprise

  • State of North Carolina HUB Organization

  • Metro Washington Airport Authority LDBE

SoNoted is also certified as a WOSB and Small Business for Federal contracting purposes and also is certified in Maryland, our home State as a Woman Owned Business - WBE. Inquiries related to business partnering opportunities are welcome.

October 2012 - SoNoted celebrates (10) year anniversary.  Established in October of 2002, the company recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.  "We've enjoyed 10 great years of sustained growth and profitability while providing high quality services to our clients and partners", states Lorraine Broache, President and founder of SoNoted, "we've established a great team and a very loyal client base.  Our focus remains on putting the client first and creating the best working environment for our employees".  Most of SoNoted's buiness is generated by client and employee referrals, a great indicator of client satisfaction and the committment and quality of our professional staff.

June 2012 - SoNoted graduates from Accenture's Diversity Supplier Program III.  After (18) months of intensive work and regular workshops, multi-day seminars and regular sponsor meetings SoNoted has successfully completed all components of the Accenture Diversity Development Program. "We have established some great relationships and the support of the Accenture team has been outstanding", notes Lorraine Broache, President and Founder of SoNoted.  A number of key SoNoted personnel participated in the program as both a source of professional development and in support of one of our key partners.

By cultivating an array of relationships, Accenture is able to provide business opportunities to various enterprises, while enabling the long-term success of Accenture. Accenture is  committed to ensuring all suppliers have equal opportunity to participate in the procurement sourcing process. The objectives of the program are:

  • Expand the presence of diverse suppliers in our supplier base, as well as encourage our large suppliers to leverage diverse suppliers on Accenture's behalf through our Tier 2 program

  • Increase the number of diverse suppliers in our contracting relationships on behalf of our clients

  • Create an infrastructure for shared relationships to jointly market

  • Promote economic growth for a multitude of businesses.

August 2011 - SoNoted expands recruiting staff and national presence. SoNoted recently expanded business operations to include projects in New Jersey, New York, Seattle and Chicago. Growing demand for high quality IT  services and SoNoted's track record of success and high client satisfaction rates have yielded several long term projects focused on State and Local Revenue Management Systems, publishing and retail, core benefits administration systems development and health care initiatives associated with private exchanges.

"These new clients and projects are a testament to our committment to quality and high client satisfaction", says Lorraine Broache, President and founder of SoNoted. "We remain committed to this goal and plan on the sustained growth of our organization."

March 2011 - SoNoted introduces Version 3.0 of "SLAManager™" a comprehensive solution for the management, administration and reporting of contractually obligated service levels and project escrows.  The latest version of the product include:

  • Enhanced Security and Single Sign On Capability

  • Integration with Call Center Metrics

  • Enhanced SOAP/Web Service Integration

  • Real-Time News Feed and Alert Integration

  • Enhanced Reporting and Charting Capabilities

  • HTML 5.0 Interface Updates

  • Additional Contract Management Capabilities

By embracing our clients feedback we have been able to provide enhanced functionality and an improved client interface allowing for realtime monitoring and alerts associated with key business performance metrics.  Additional information may be found on our website.

October 2010 - SoNoted selected for participation in Accenture's Diversity Supplier Program III,. This (18) month program is offered to a select number of key Accenture suppliers/partners.  Accenture strives to maximize the value of our supplier relationships and places a high value on diversity as evidenced by our ongoing programs to attract, retain and advance women, minorities and other diverse groups. Since 2002, when Accenture’s Supplier Diversity Program was formalized, Accenture has focused on expanding their  source of diverse suppliers while maintaining standards for providing high-quality service delivery.  We at SoNoted are honored by Accenure's selection.

More information may be found at the following link:

July 2010 - SoNoted to participate in the 2010 Maryland Association of Counties (MACO) conference scheduled for August 18th-21st.  SoNoted will participate in the Minority Business Fair sponsered by Accenture, to be held on the morning of Thursday August 19th in Ballroom 2 at the Ocean City Convention Center from 7:30 – 9:30 am.  The MACO conference is an annual event focused on a wide variety of State government topics including:

  • Cyber-security

  • The Chesapeake Bay

  • Public Safety

  • Land Preservation

  • State Contracts

  • Workforce Development

  • Human Services

  • Information Technology

More information may be found at the following link:

April 2010 - SoNoted introduces Version 2.0 of "SLAManager" a comprehensive solution for the management, administration and reporting of contractually obligated service levels and project escrows.  The latest version of the product include:

  • Fully customizable "Company Wall" for the authoring and publication of service level performance.

  • Enhancements to "Your Wall" a personalized repository of objects, documents, narratives and reporting objects including charts, graphs, score cards, and symbols representing service level metrics and results.

  • A compete library of notifications related to service level compliance.

  • Enhanced "Supplier View" of associated vendor service levels.

  • Enhancements to results and metric selection.

  • Enhanced security and company personalization.

  • Enhanced import/export capability.

SLAManager (SLAM) offering provides a single repository for organizations to define, manage, track, report and audit the performance of critical service levels associated with one to many contracts or programs that are delivered by a single or multiple suppliers. SLAM is a fully web enabled set of applications that provide visibility and transparency to supplier reporting of service levels.

December 2009 - SoNoted announces the launch of "SLAManager" a fully hosted, web based solution focused on the capture, administration, publishing and reporting of committed client service levels and project deliverables.  The solution utilizes the latest web based technologies and rich internet application architecture to allow both suppliers and clients to manage contract performance and all aspects of service level compliance.  More information may be obtained by navigating to:

July 2009 - SoNoted, expands national recruiting team.  SoNoted recently added (5) additional recruiters to its existing staff of professional placement personnel.  These hires are part of an ongoing plan to expand our national reach and find the best talent available for our loyal client base.  The additional resources will specifically be focused on the IT specialty areas of ETL, Datawarehousing, Business Intelligence, Content Management and Process Innovation. 

April 2009 - SoNoted is certified as a Minority Woman Owned Business in the State of Pennsylvania. As part of the ongoing business expansion of the company, SoNoted was recently certified in the State of Pennsylvania and is pursuing several State and Local opportunities in the Commonwealth.  This certification adds to the list of other states in which SoNoted is certified as a Minority Woman Owned or Historically Underutilized Business.  Existing certifications are in place for Maryland, North Carolina, and the Washington DC Metro Airport Authority. All of these certifications are part of an ongoing commitment to expand our State and Local consulting practice.

July 2008 - In response to an increasing demand for cost effective technology resources and IT solutions, SoNoted is expanding its investment in Human Capital Management and retention strategies in order to assure that clients are getting the best qualified candidates.  Improvements to the candidate assessment process and tracking systems have enabled SoNoted to leverage its vast library of resources and partner relationships to meet a growing demand for qualified IT professionals.  More information about SoNoted opportunities can be found on our jobs page or on one of our partner sites.

Type "SoNoted" in the search keyword box.

Type "SoNoted" in the search keyword box.

November 2007 - SoNoted remains certified as a Minority Women Owned Business by the State of Maryland.  As a function of the recertification process SoNoted will continue to deliver high quality professional consulting services to the State of Maryland under the Minority Business Enterprise program managed by the Maryland Department of Transportation.  An overview of the program may be found at the following link:

October 2007 - SoNoted celebrates (5) year anniversary.  Established in October of 2002, the company recently celebrated its 5th anniversary.  "it's been an exciting time", states Lorraine Broache, President and founder of SoNoted, "we've established a great team and a very loyal client base.  Our focus remains on putting the client first and creating the best working environment for our employees".  SoNoted has seen its sales triple in the last (3) years primarily due to a solid track record of success, client referrals and a dedication to quality.  "We love our clients and work hard to retain their business!"

April 2007 - SoNoted expands recruiting staff and national presence. As a function of increasing demand and consistently high client satisfaction rates, SoNoted has expanded its full-time recruiting staff focused on the recent favorable trends in IT hiring and expanded need for specialized IT skill sets.  SoNoted client and candidate retention rates remain high as refinements to the "Certifize" process have provided our clients with the Best of the Best. 

December 2006 - In an effort to showcase the talents of our information technology professionals, SoNoted registered as an IBM Business Partner and established a team of consultants focused on the integration and delivery of services surrounding the IBM Content Management and Process Management product sets.  SoNoted will provide both technology consulting services and project management to clients with IBM CM and Workflow solutions and can draw upon an expanding pool of highly qualified resources in an effort to maintain our reputation of exceeding client expectations.

March 2006 - SoNoted, a leading provider of technology consulting and placement services expands beyond the mid-Atlantic.  SoNoted has expanded its national base of consultants to a number of new states including Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and Texas. Based on a high degree of success and unparalleled retention metrics, SoNoted is expanding into new markets and a broader client based which includes national outsourcing, media and health management organizations.

August 2006 - In an effort to further expand it's business SoNoted launched a targeted recruiting initiative based on the provision of skilled and qualified, IT help desk and client service driven candidates to several national clients.  This effort leveraged the "Certifize" methodology and highly effective recruiting staff yielding a client/candidate retention rate of over 98%.  In the highly volatile market of client service personnel this is an unprecedented accomplishment.

February 2005 - SoNoted, a provider of quality professional information technology consulting services recently launched a new and  expanded website. The new website details our "Certifize" methodology in addition to providing additional information related to job opportunities in the information technology marketplace.  SoNoted continues to expand is business outside of the mid-atlantic area with new customer implementations in the State of New York, the Mid-west and the West Coast.

October 2004 - SoNoted formally announced the implementation of Certifize a new and innovative methodology aimed at providing high-quality, certified, technical personnel to our growing list of clients.  "Certifize" is a comprehensive methodology and screening process that certifies professional candidates and project resources from (8) dimensions.  The process assures that we are able to provide the right personnel to our clients, at the right time with a guarantee of satisfaction.  The (8) dimensions focus on professional experience, formal education, professional certification, reference-ability, background screening, cost efficiency, personality assessment and performance guarantees.  The process produces only the most qualified candidates for a position or project.  "Certifize ™" has produced highly qualified individuals who have a track record of performance, delivery and cost effectiveness. 

All SoNoted personnel go through this extensive screening process.  As a part of every engagement our clients are provided with a comprehensive report and professional resume reflecting a candidates "Certifized" status. To learn more about our innovative approach please contact or call us at (410)-744-3950. 

March 2004 - SoNoted, a provider of quality professional information technology consulting services recently expanded business operations into new markets in the southeast as well as New York. New initiatives include projects in Alabama, Virginia and the Carolinas.  "The growing demand for qualified, certified technical personnel has allowed us to expand our business into new markets", states Lorraine Broache, President and founder of SoNoted. "Our track record of success, performance guarantees and " Certifized" personnel has increased demand for our services and also enhanced our partnerships."  

2003 News

As a woman-owned business, SoNoted, LLC, supports the University of Maryland Baltimore County Center for Women and Information Technology's (UMBC/CWIT) promotion of young women engaging in careers in technology.Over the past twenty years, the student population in Computer Science departments has become increasingly male, and the number of women among faculty members has remained quite small.” (O’Leary, 1999)In light of this decline, The Center has made a strategic commitment to develop means and methodologies to encourage high-tech careers targeting young women ages 12-20. One milestone toward the vision involves the creation of a high-energy video highlighting exciting opportunities for women in computer sciences and technology services. This video will provide a multi-sensory backdrop to motivational speakers encouraging careers in IT. The video may be used in academic and career growth environments. Upon completion, the video and program will be evaluated by an independent organization.

Visitors to can participate in the success of this venture by identifying organizations with existing video presentations that can be used as a component of the final production. The 4-minute video montage will be created by Oscar-winning Video Press. Contact Claudia Morrell, Director of Planning and Grants, The Center for Women and Information Technology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, (410.455.2822).

O'Leary, Diane, 1999.  Accessibility of Computer Science.  World Wide Web:


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