Project Team

Our seasoned project managers average over 15 years IT project management experience and have the credentials to prove it.  Whether it is a short term project of a couple of months or a project that spans a number of years our certified team of project management personnel are ready to perform.

A number of our professionals carry PMI (Project Management Institute) certifications and have participated in critical cross industry initiatives.  SoNoted has significant depth in the delivery of projects for State and Local governments.  Our client references will attest to the quality of our team and the timeliness of our delivery. 
Project Management Approach
The Project Planning Process

The key to the success of any project is a clear understanding of project scope and objectives.  The project planning process provides an opportunity for our project leadership team to meet with and distill client goals and objectives into discrete and identifiable project tasks and milestones.  We believe this is a collaborative process that will ultimately result in our team creating a Scope of Service document that reflects our clients objectives and SoNoted's plan to meet these objectives. Key to the project planning process is a comprehensive understanding of the following:

  • Client Request for Information/Request for Proposal

  • Solution Specifications

  • Business Drivers

  • Financial Metrics

  • Project Success Criteria

  • Critical Path Assumptions

All of these factors and more contribute the the development of a mutually agreed upon project plan and Scope of Service document which will be  incorporated into our overriding client contract.

Managing Project Timelines and Deliverables

Once project expectations are set and the project plan and scope documents are complete, performance begins.  SoNoted recognizes the importance of managing the delivery of project tasks and regular communications to our client on project status. Our typical project effort provides for weekly status updates of all in flight deliverables as well as discussion of upcoming initiatives. This communication is provided via project status reports and updates to the overall project plan.

Online, collaborative project management tools are often used in the administration and management of project deliverables.  Often times an electronic project room is utilized for all project materials and automated workflow is used for routing and approval processes.  SoNoted can deploy our own tools or utilize those most commonly used by our client.   

Strategies for Risk Mitigation

Identification of project risk is an essential component of the project planning process as well as the ongoing project management function.  Our risk assessments take into account all aspects of the project lifecycle and incorporate a number of key factors:

  • Project Staffing and Skills
  • Financial Measures
  • Project Complexity
  • Technology Heritage/Viability
  • Identification of Project Treats - Natural, Human, Reputational

These factors and others are considered when assessing project risk.  Once identified, SoNoted will incorporate strategies to mitigate each of these risks into the management process for a specific project.  Management of these risks may involve using existing assets, investment in new resources or creating contingency plans to address potential risks.


Measuring Success

Ultimately the success of any project is measured in the satisfaction of our client.  Our keen focus on exceeding client expectations is at the core of our corporate culture.  In support of this goal we provide client acceptance criteria for each major project deliverable and payment is tied to the successful completion of these tasks.  Our goal is to deliver on each of the project goals or objectives identified in the project planning process.  As a company we also look to our clients to provide responsible references for work well done.  The growth of our organization is highly dependent on our project success and client references are the best testimony of this.

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